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Dear Members has an all new forum, with a brand new fresh look, and …

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Dear Members

It gives us great pleasure to announce that has moved to …

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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:52 pm

Dear Members

We thought that it would only be fair to share our opinion and thoughts on the Review, which has given a positive rating of 5.75.

Here is our response:

Dear Phil / Team

First and foremost, I thank you and appreciate your review definitely does help to get a better idea from an expert in regards to I am always open to criticism as it will only allow me to improve my site.

I won't bore you however, if I may just give you some feed back and a few comments on your review.

I will just copy and paste your review from your site and comment underneath in bold, with my responses. Review On Brief History:
Beanybux has actually been around for awhile now and for quite some time the owner has been insisting we take a look at the site with plenty of confidence that it will achieve the seal of approval. The Alexa traffic rank on this site is not bad with a rank of 74,667 which is still above that of the latest sites to hit the industry but still off what you would expect from a site that has been around for over 2 months. Comment: was created on April 10th, 2008, and launched officially on April 15th, 2008.
My Staff and I are definitely enthusiastic about and will continue to keep that attitude now and in the future.
In regards to our Alexa Rating, I personally feel it is low, but it is a good number, mainly because we only have on our Host, and not our Forum or Support Tickets. Therefore, if we did actually Host the Forum and Support, those numbers on Alexa would be much much higher.
Also, our prior Host had many many issues and therefore, I would consider the numbers from May 8th, 2008 onwards to be more on the accurate side, and I will admit it was a mistake on our part not to get better Hosting initially. Review Design:
The layout is very similar to the bux clone scripts and there isnít much graphics to separate from this image either as the logo is too simple and a lack of colour difference. Clickers and advertisers alike are tired of seeing PTC sites that look exactly like their template which is why it is important for all PTC sites to get some originality into not just their designs but their copied TOS pages. This script is known for having many limitations on freedom of layout and design but there are areas that can be changed such as a more unique logo or a totally different set of colours. Comment:
I totally agree with you on this, as we chose a familiar design and kept simple and I have no issues with keeping it the same way, as we are looking for 100% Member satisfaction and Advertiser Satisfaction over design any day.
We do lack in design quality but we make it up in many other areas. The design will be changed, but not at the moment. Review Advertising:
1000 ads here cost $19.10 and for 2500 its $46.75. These prices are identical to many other PTC sites in the industry that hold such traffic ranks and above. This shows that the owner is in touch with the industry and is holding prices that well researched if not competitive. This site might be able to get an edge on its comparable sites by simply reducing these prices a little. No one in this industry wants to be beaten on price while advertisers are still so sceptical of the PTC business model. Comment:
We do offer the basic structure on advertising rates to be industry standard, however there are other packages that are not promoted to the general pubic openly, as we do state to advertisers looking for more volume to contact us. offers Free Advertising to both Members as well as Non-Members. offers both Members and Non-Members 5000 Ad Clicks for only $29.99 offers reduced rates on advertising and specials and they can be seen by clicking the following:

Also currently is having an Advertising Contest: Review Referral System:
The price for referrals here are 35 referrals for $34.65, 100 referrals for $89.95 and 500 referrals for $429.00. The down line is also 100% here for standard members which certainly boosts the performance. These prices are very similar to that of extra10ís prices which are good. Comment:
We do offer a variety of referral options to all Members either at industry rates or much lower than other sites, such as:
Purchase 1 member for only $1.99
Purchase 5 members for only $6.95
Purchase 15 members for only $16.99
Purchase 35 members for only $34.65
Purchase 100 members for only $89.95
Purchase 500 Members for only $429.00

Currently we accept Alertpay and Moneybookers for ALL Referral Purchases: Review Upgrades:
To upgrade to premium here it costs $59.99 for 1 full year. The upgrade boosts your own clicks by 25% and 25% on your referrals which means the performance strong here. Along with the performance increase you will also be provided with priority payments and the minimum of 20 ads to click each day. Comment:
We do offer 2 Upgrade / Premium Packages currently and will be implementing a 3rd Upgrade Package very soon and are subscription based via Alertpay. 1 Year Premium Membership 3 Month Premium Membership

Currently we are offering Alertpay Subscription Based Payment Method. Review Performance:
Unfortunately when testing this site I only found 2 ads to click which is the lowest number of ads I have found on a standard membership in a long time. I do hope they are still able to keep the promise of those 20 ads a day on premium if this is the story at standard. However both the standard ads found are $0.01 per click which is still good if you are into gaining a lot of referrals on a 100% down line. Comment:
I am not sure when you saw just 2 ads, but that may be possible, however I am sure that you must have missed the Mega Blast:

Usually offers its Standard Members an average of 15+ ads per day and Premium Members an average of 40+ ads per day. Both Membership level current ad stats are shown on Surf Ads page, also if you log off as a Standard Member you are able to view the Premium Members Ads, however you will not get credited for them if clicked. Review Conclusion:
Itís a very similar site to extra10 in the way that all the prices are almost identical. Because the design of this site isnít really anything new the sites tactic of mimicking prices isnít going to do it any major favours. The owner of this site seems enthusiastic and confident this site has something outstanding about it enough to achieve the UOB seal of approval. But how can this site be outstanding if the TOS has barely been touched? No removal of the error it contains that is becoming old news with this script.
There is no reason why this site should not gain a good rating, the prices are good but in order for this site to achieve a unique seal of merit it will need to become more unique itself. Comment:
Let me thank you again, for giving a chance to be considered for UOB Seal of Approval. I assure you that will surpass everyone's expectations and I have seen many other PTC sites clone or copy many of the features and services.
In regards to our TOS, it has been altered and is not the generic version as seen on many of the other sites, including the ones you had mentioned.
1. We allow all Members to appeal our decision for termination and suspension, however, just a personal note, we keep our members and advertisers happy and therefore I would like to think that we have a great Family who are honest and fair.
2. Spamming issues are dealt with a bit differently, as we are offering a 3 strike rule. However on the first offense we contact the Spamming member and ask them to cease all Spamming activity and also to respond back to our email and acknowledge our request to such issue.
3. We allow all COUNTRIES to join and do not discriminate the whole nation for a few bad apples, just think if we started to ban countries then we should just pack up and all go home. There are honest people and dishonest people in every corner of the world, and we feel that it is our responsibility to offer all Members a safe, secure and friendly environment.
We do have a forum, which is Hosted on another server, as we wish to keep independent. is also offering it's members the following and can be check out on (Forum):
Dedicated Phone number to allow members to contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.
SSL Certificate and Company Info on Home Page
Free Email Address with 10mb space
Free T-Shirt and or Polo Type Shirt Branded PrePaid Card with a low minimum payout requirement (Launch Date of July 1st, 2008) Members who are active on the site and on the forum can get 1 week free advertising and their own Category on Surf Ads Page. Games for Members only Members can see their referrals last login and Membership Status Members can see their history in great detail Raffle / Lottery / Lucky Draw, I believe has the BEST Moderators on the World Wide Web, and I THANK them so much for their dedication and time, who are not paid for their services and are members just like everyone else.

So in closing, has so much to offer and shortly the changes and upgrades will be implemented.

I thank you for your time and do look forward to improving even better than it is today.

Thank You Admin / Team

(Below is Not Included in the email submitted, but only posted on this forum)
We Thank all Members for making successful and that is why we use the phrase " Powered By Members "

So, stay tuned and watch bring you the latest features and services in the very near future, and we are proud to have you in the Family

_________________ Powered by Members
TOS | FAQ | Answers | Payment Proofs

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Post by AmBt! on Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:08 pm

Nice work admin and keep going Wink One question, what is the highest ratting? its 10 ?

I think that this ptc will grow up very faster with an admin team like yours Wink

Congratulation one more time.

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Post by funny7008 on Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:38 pm

You know what parts I love the most?

Admin wrote:
3. We allow all COUNTRIES to join and do not discriminate the whole nation for a few bad apples, just think if we started to ban countries then we should just pack up and all go home. There are honest people and dishonest people in every corner of the world, and we feel that it is our responsibility to offer all Members a safe, secure and friendly environment., I believe has the BEST Moderators on the World Wide Web, and I THANK them so much for their dedication and time, who are not paid for their services and are members just like everyone else.

This is what makes Beanybux so special to me. How can I not love it?
I must, on behalf of my compatriots and myself, thank you ever so much for your great kindness.
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Post by diep on Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:32 pm

Congrats for the rating from UOB and congrats for your nice topic and reply here

Keep up with good work


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Post by FluffyWolf2 on Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:47 pm

Well done on the review.

2 Ads showing. This occurred after the BeanyBlast on June 23rd at 8am CST, 9am EST, and 2pm GMT. That is roughly when the review looked at the ads for standard members. Which unfortunately the reviewer missed the 40+ ads that weekend Smile In all honesty I waited till noon BeanyTime and the ads were back up to par. In all honesty I saw it as Beany catching his breath Smile [Personal note, I've never seen the ads drop below 8 ads, and normally hold a steady 12 ads with ads coming constantly throughout the day. Just was kinda a fluke that there were only 2 ads that one moment. And really the only moment other then when the site probably went live in its first hours of existence, lol.]

For your templates and making a new logo. It comes with time, you must establish yourself of course Smile I'll be looking forward to the updates but hoping there will of course be options to have the older template.

Nice review Smile Good to see all this come out Smile
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Post by spiky on Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:20 am

In near future our features are going to surpass every other PTC and Beanybux will be a benchmark for other upcoming PTCs. Its just a matter of time that will make a big difference all over the PTC world.

The reviewer should have atleast tested the site for a couple of days and not just one random day that too he got it all wrong by seeing only 2 ads.

I have no doubt about Beanybux and I see the site touching new levels of success.

Features I think that make Beanybux unique among other PTCs are:
1. Beanybux has lot more ads that any other PTCs both for Standard and Premium.

2. The upgrade is available for monthly (3 months) and yearly which is rarely seen in most of the sites.

3. Beanybux never has stale ads that run like 10000000 clicks all ads are fresh.

4. Beanybux doesnt promote any other site except its sister site

5. Payments are made always according to the TOS i.e. 50 BUSINESS DAYS for Standard and 30 BUSINESS DAYS for Upgraded. Business days are from Monday through Friday.

6. Beanybux never makes bulk payment where someone gets paid early just because hes part of the bulk even if he requested cashout 1 day before. Every member is given a fair chance of payment request and its waiting time.

7. Customer support is of prime importance to which Beanybux has always been on time. It has 24/7 customer support via phone/fax/email. Never seen in other sites.

8. All complaints and queries are handled at topmost priority and dealt ASAP. Even abusive emails/ tickets are handled professionally.

9. Most of the other PTCs just ban members without knowing the facts of the issues regarding spamming or cheating. Beanybux gives everyone a fair chance.

10. Beanybux never claims that it made some $***** payments today or uptill now. Its the members that give the proof that they waited for the payment and were paid in time. Thats the first hand proof of a paying site.

11. No PTC so young would dare to launch its own Credit Card that too with a leading name attached to it like the Payoneer.

12. The offers and services provided here are much more and most importantly are of top notch quality.

13. This point in the TOS is never seen in other PTCs that just copy or use the old TOS of the clone scripts. I quote
"12) You may refer an unlimited amount of people to join the program without Spamming or other violations, but you will only earn referral income those that you have DIRECTLY referred, or purchased through "

No other PTCs talk about the earnings from purchased referrals. This is duly covered in's TOS which I think was not even read by the reviewer thinking it was copied from the clone just like the design.

Considering all these points I think the review should have been made and not just by assuming to read the TOS and clicking two ads. If someone wants to comment on other PTCs it should be done in a professional manner.

Spiky, Moderator.

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Post by mohongmao on Fri Jun 27, 2008 1:27 am

great admin!


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Post by Aksha1337 on Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:04 pm

Love beanybux and I think UrOnlineBiz people are crazy not to give this wonderful site a better rating.
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Post by johnpan on Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:55 pm

Quite simply sincere and professional in making this site a success for everybody involved. I'm sure in time to come, with the utmost dedication n commitment shown by the Beanybux team, the ranking and the recognition for will eventually be achieved! Smile


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Post by pkderek on Tue Jul 01, 2008 10:15 pm

Yea I'm sure this place will be recognized soon enough. Razz


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